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by  FITNESSfive42
Our popular "Brown-Bag Power Series" offers  lunch & learn sessions to enlighten your employees with the "how-to" on living a life of wellness. 
The series consists of
4 Wellness Sessions
1. Stress Management,
2. Nutrition, H2O & Rest
3. Active Living
4. The Power of Well.
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small group
Increasingly, teams are expected to do more with less...
(a reality of the times)
This half day seminar is designed to help team members process change in "their" workplace.
It's no secret; the way we do business is changing...we have a choice; we can resist or we can create 
In this seminar we  discuss the personal impact of change and the opportunities for personal growth in a team environment.
Good things can happen when change and opportunity collide...
- - -
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