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F542 - Building to 10K Training Program

Welcome to the facilitated 8-week building to 10K training program.

This program will build on your existing 5K running skills to keep you motivated and focused on extending your running base while building confidence in your endurance running skills.

*Prerequisite: Participants must be able to run a minimum distance of 5K at 6:1 intervals as this program is both challenging and rewarding and will have you setting and achieving new goals on a weekly basis.

The training schedule will build the endurance needed to run 10K at 10 & 1’s or if you prefer; by running continuously, the choice is yours to make on the run. Program facilitators will provide participants with applicable training materials.

The schedule includes weekly group training distances, recommended homework runs,

cross-training considerations and dedicated days

of rest. 

Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays are scheduled group training runs over familiar running routes to help runners gauge their performance from week-to-week.

The training schedule will also provide core, cardio, cross-training and homework run recommendations to help runners continue with weekly training on their own.

Upon successful completion of the program runners will know that they have what it takes to run 10K distances (and beyond) on their terms....

The 8-week program includes weekly classroom instruction, handouts, scheduled group runs, a training binder, 24/7 on-line support and a group Facebook page.

New Programs start March 26, 2013

Sign up today...there’s a PR in your future!

Goal Race: Scotiabank Bluenose 10K Race

on Sunday May 19, 2013

Cost: $60.00 + Tax per person

Better yet sign-up with a friend or family member and experience the thrill of going the distance together.

(Save when you sign-up with a friend - $100.00 + Tax per couple)

Register today by calling 902.466.8522

or by email at: [email protected]

F542 Is pleased to accept the following Credit Cards

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