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FITNESSfive42™ is proud to team up with

EPIC Canadian to offer new runners an Exclusive training opportunity:  

The "Chance of a Lifestyle"

5K Learn to Run Program.

This exclusive 8-week Learn to Run Program will train participants for the EPIC Canadian 5K Race on June 28th...

Sign up for this EPIC Exclusive Program today and make this year's Canada Day Weekend one to remember...make it your own and crank-up your EPIC-NESS to make 2014 your Year to be Great!

Here are the 5 W's of Your EPIC 5K Experience:

1. Who?


2. What?

EPIC Exclusive 5K Learn to Run Program 

3. When?

6:00 p.m. on Thursday May 1st 2014

4. Where?

Soles in Motion; 121 Ilsley Ave, Burnide NS

5. Why?

Because you are an EPIC Canadian who wants to learn to run 5K in a supportive group training environment on Tuesday & Thursday evenings; when you'll not only learn to run but will also participate in weekly classroom discussions on popular running topics like; Gear and Technical Fabrics, Running Etiquette, Hydration...and more.  

You'll also receive weekly training handouts, a training binder, a Group Facebook page and of course the endless support of enthusiastic instructors who want nothing more than to have you achieve the EPIC Success that will make your 2014 Great!

Cost: $49.99 + HST

Sign up today with our convenient

online Registration...

2014 is Your Year to Be Great...

...and that is Truly EPIC!

Run Strong!

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