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Welcome to FITNESSfive42

where running & active living come together just for you! 

Our Team

David & Karen Marsh are the driving force behind FITNESSfive42; both are accomplished runners with thousands of kilometres run between them. Together they have been training runners since 2008.

Fitnessfive42 has successfully trained and coached hundreds of runners; from beginners learning to run their first 5K up to seasoned Marathoners working to achieve specific training goals.

Read on to learn more about FITNESSfive42...the "Chance of a Lifestyle™" could be yours....

Join the ranks of successful runners who have learned to run 5K with FITNESSfive42 and have continued on to run their first full marathon in their hometown or away from home with one of FITNESSfive42's Destination Race Training Programs. 

FITNESSfive42 clients have been individual runners who signed up to participate in Running Clinics and Training programs offered by their local running stores who have partnered with FITNESSfive42 as well as Corporate Clients who have engaged FITNESSfive42 as part of their company's Wellness Initiaitives to provide their employees with on-site fitness and active living programming.

FITNESSfive42 clients include: Plan Member Adminsitration - Manulife Financial, The Halifax Regional School Board, Soles in Motion and countless running enthusiasts eager for "the Chance of a Lifestyle™....

David is an avid sports enthusiast and seasoned distance runner. He consistently leads by example and strives to promote the benefits of an active lifestyle. His background in recreation management, experiential learning and leadership development make him an ideal mentor and wellness coach.

Karen is a focused and dedicated fitness & wellness coach. Her figure-skating background and commitment to training have made her the perfect mentor and program facilitator. Karen takes great pride in helping others achieve their fitness and running goals. 

Together; they empower each other to bring out the best in everyone they work with. 

Our Name: FITNESSfive42 speaks to the benefits derived from active living and training for popular race distances; specifically, 5K to the 42.2K full marathon.

At Fitnessfive42 we believe in you!

We want you to reach and exceed your running goals.


Our programs have been developed to support runners; from beginners, who have never run before to the more experienced runners with specific goals in mind...and just about every runner in between.  

At FITNESSfive42 we share a passion for running and active living. We strive to promote individual success in a supportive and inclusive running and training environment.

Our trainers are dedicated to helping every participant achieve success -- we can truly say that at FITNESSfive42 it really is:

“All about YOU!”

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