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About F542

All FITNESSfive42 training programs are facilitated; our instructors and coaches are with you “every step of the way…”

We believe in "do as I do and not do as I say." 

Our trainers lead by example…they are not merely cheerleaders; although they do provide encouragement and support before, during and after every training session.

We work to instill a sense of accountability and encourage every participant to challenge themselves and find motivation from within.

 Learning to run will take you beyond your fitness goals and present you with opportunities

you never thought possible.

FITNESSfive42 will empower you to believe

in yourself and define active

living on your terms. 

Fitness makes a world of difference!

We have a saying at FITNESSfive42:

"When it comes to running; it’s not how far you’ve gone, but HOW FAR YOU'VE COME!”

It’s time to Inspire and believe in yourself!

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