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“The Chance of a Lifestyle™

– 5K Learn to Run Program-

Delivered to your workplace. 

At Fitnessfive42 we strive to promote individual fitness and wellness without the added stress of disrupting busy work schedules, daily routines and all too precious family time.

Above all we understand that time is at a premium and that “free-time” to exercise is difficult to come by...

... but, it’s not impossible…

Fitnessfive42 will work hand-in-hand with your company’s Human Resource & Wellness Coordinators to develop Group Walking & Learn to Run Programs that can be seamlessly integrated into your organization’s core hours and standard workday.

Our facilitated “Get Fit” & “Active Living “ programs have been designed to promote wellness in the workplace by getting people moving and actively thinking about the benefits of adopting an active lifestyle.

Ultimately your employees will feel empowered as they begin to feel and see the results of getting fit.

Our Corporate Programming Coordinator has scheduling options to accommodate the needs of your busy workplace...

Call us today...

Get your employees moving


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