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6-Week Building to 5K Invitational Training (Small Batch Practicum)

This 6-Week Training Program is designed help seasoned runners, who have been away from running, return to the 5K distance as well as introduce this exciting distance to aerobically fit cyclists looking to add a little diversity to their training regimen.

Prerequisites: *Eligible participants must be capable of sustaining moderate physical activity while remaining on their feet for a minimum of 30 minutes... The program will build on existing fitness levels and condition the body for the repetitive physical demands of the open road.  

*Eligible Participants:

All FITNESSfive42 Alumni Annual & Monthly Revolution Fitness Members

Program Dates:

November 02, 2017 thru December 20, 2017


6:00 p.m. Tuesday & Thursday evenings


Portland Street Superstore (Subway Entrance)



*As this is a small batch offering this program is not available for FITNESSfive42 online registration. 

If you would like to participate please contact:

Please be advised:

Running may be habit forming.

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